We established our clinic in 2004 in the Nebraska City Medical Clinic.  Working closely with local physicians allows us to provide the most comprehensive and collaborative care possible, especially when medications are indicated.

In January 2012, we moved to our new offices at the Nebraska City Center for Children and Families.  We continue to work closely with the Medical Clinic and our new space continues to offer the same high level of confidentiality for our clients.  

917 Wildwood Lane  Nebraska City, NE 68410 


                            Nebraska City Center for Children and Families         

Behavioral Health Solutions, PC has taken the opportunity in 2017 to expand our service locations while continuing to provide collaborative care. Our new clinic locations are integrated care clinics located within primary care physician offices in Auburn, Falls City, and Humboldt. To schedule an appointment at one of our integrated care clinics listed below please contact each location directly. 

Auburn Family Health Center, 2115 14th Street, Auburn, NE 68305 Phone: 402-274-4993 

Community Medical Center:

3307 Barada St, Falls City, NE 68355 Phone: 402-245-2428

1120 Grand Ave, Humboldt, NE 68376 Phone: 402-862-3280